Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No Shoes

We are a no shoe household and what I mean by that is if you live in our house you take off your shoes before you come in the house. So I by no means expect a guest in my home to take off their shoes (unless they have been playing in the mud). I am mainly just trying to cut down on the dirt that comes in our home by us not wearing shoes.

For the boys, the shoes they wear the most stay in the car or diaper bag so  we take their shoes off before we get them out of the carseat and usually don't put them on until we get to destination because we will have to put them on again anyways. So we do it for them so they don't need a reminder and hopefully it will just become a habit for them when they get older. I don't need a reminder because mopping as often as I do is reminder enough. My husband is a different story, as soon as he opens the door I am saying "take your shoes off". So I felt he needed a sign to remind him so I made this sign for the entrance to our home from the garage.
I had all the stuff that I need for this project on hand.

wooden plaque from Hobby Lobby
spraypaint- I used Black Satin finish
vinyl cut by my Silhouette for the letters
photo of my sweet boys feet at 2 months old
photo corners that I had from my scrapbooking days
Mod Podge
picture hanger
3m hook(you can obviously use a nail though I just didn't want to put a hole in my door)

-Spraypaint the wooden plaque.
- Apply the vinyl lettering.
- Mod Podge the picture on to the board.
- Stick in the picture hanger to the back and tie on ribbon.
- Hang on the door.

Easy right?

Want to see some other creative sayings to remind your family to remove their shoes?
Tip Junkie did a post on the subject.

Some of my favorites were:
If you're not God or George Strait, take off your boots.
Life is full of choice, take off your shoes or scrub the floor.
Please remove your shoes and don't take better ones on the way out.

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Dakotapam said...

We mostly don't wear shoes. Mostly because we prefer bare feet. However, I've read, and now i see, bare feet have oils that attract dirt. It is a effect of the Fall...no matter what, our floors will be dirty. Cheers!

Unknown said...

What a sweet way to get your point across! I'm obsessed with clean floors, so I may surely copy your sign in the future...

Visiting from 320 Sycamore :)

Chantelle @ Mommyx3=Insanity said...

great idea!! I will HAVE to do this! We have all wood floors and the majority of my cleaning time is spent sweeping and mopping them! Thanks! I found you on Delightful order where i joined the Link Party.

Brie @ Darling Doodles said...

This is such a fun idea, and it really made me smile. I can completely see myself using this, thanks so much! I saw this on the Delightful Order link party and I just had to come over!

Brie from darlingdoodles.blogspot.com

annies home said...

love your cute project and love that it was personalized come see me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

Melissa said...

what a cute idea! Dr. Oz said that the absolute dirtiest thing that you bring into your house are the bottom of your shoes...thanks for partying with us :)

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Cute idea, Krista! I love the little toes in the picture. And "George Strait"... hehe :)

Matthew Celestine said...

In all honesty, you're not really a 'no shoes household' if you let visitors wear shoes in your house- you're a 'generally no shoes household.'

You really should think about requiring shoes off from everybody who comes in your house. The shoes of guests are just as likely to pick up nasty stuff like weed killer.

You want to keep your home clean and your family healthy; nobody is going to be offended.

I have an whole blog about removing shoes in homes: Shoes Off at the Door, Please You might like to take a look.

Anonymous said...

Love the "Take off your shoes" sign..I bet my dear MIL is still reminding her dear husband to do that in heaven! Like Father, like son..my husband refuses to wipe his feet when he enters from the yard, or garage. When he puts his shoes on for the day, they don't go off until he goes to bed at night.

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