Monday, February 27, 2012

My Favorite Two Year Olds

I haven't done a Gabe and Grant update in awhile. It could be because these guys keep me busier than ever before.


-Neither one of them are talking very much yet(I could do a whole post just about that) but Gabe started putting some words together this week. I went to get them up one morning and he ran up to me with a torn up book and said "Bubba book uh-oh" then looks looks at Grant with disappointment. I think I have found my tattle tale :)

- He loves to wear his daddy's hats, shoes and sometimes sunglasses.

-He thinks he is too big for naps but then he ends up falling asleep in the middle of dinner.


- When we look at pictures of babies and I ask him "Where's the Baby?" and he of course points to himself.

-He carries a tape measure around and measures everything.


-They rarely take naps now. When they do they crash hard, notice how they are not in their beds, no pillowcases on their pillows, no sheets on their bed and no shirts on.

-Bath time is like being on the front row to see Shamu at SeaWorld. Read: Mommy gets drenched, there is more water out of the tub than in.

- I tried to give them a bubble bath for the first time a month ago and they freaked out. I think they didn't like not being able to see their feet.

-Anytime I open up the fridge they scream "Cheese". They love string cheese.

- When I give one food, they point to the other's tray and want me to give him the same thing. They are all for equal rights.

-They love any kind of "dip", whether it be ketchup, honey mustard, gravy, or alfredo. Even when there is no dip to be found they pretend like they are dipping their food before they eat it.

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Jenny Melrose said...

They are too stinkin' cute. I can't even imagine two two year olds. I have both hands full with one. I wanted to invite you to a bloglovin' blog hop that is going on now until Sunday over at I'd love it if you would link up and mingle.

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