Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Organizing Spices Part 1

One of the most unorganized cabinets in my kitchen is the spice cabinet...too many spices and too little space. Another problem is my kitchen cabinets are up pretty high and being that I am only 5'2, I can't even see to the back of the cabinet which results in me climbing onto the counter everytime I am looking for something that is not in the front.

I got this Swivel and Store contraption which I thought would be a good solution. While it is a good idea in theory, it is not big enough for hardly any of my spice containers. Anyone else have one of these? What do you use it for?

I also had bought this spice rack many years ago. Problem is none of the spices I used were in it. So it sat on my counter for years just wasting space.

Not anymore folks. I emptied out all the spices in the containers and took all the labels off and let them soak in some soapy water. Then using my Silhouette, I cut out new labels for spices I use all the time. I then filled them up.

What I love most about this project is that I took something that was wasting space and made it useful. Also, now all my spices are easy to find and in arm's reach.

I still have some bigger spice containers and oils and sauces that need to be organized in my spice cabinet. So I will talk about that in Part 2.

Do you have a project that you made functional that was previously just a waste of space? I would love to hear about it.

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April Oliver said...

Love this idea. My spice cabinet is a mess right now and I am looking for a way to organize it better. I know now not to get the Swivel and Store!

Following you from Whatever Goes Wednesday.


Jenny Melrose said...

I need to do this with my spice rack. I have spices in there that I never use, but keep them in there because of the labels that came on the bottles when I bought it. This post was such a duh moment for me. Thank you for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays!

Katie @ Little Becky Homecky said...

What a great idea!! I will definitely need to get this soon!!

Shiloh said...

I redid the labels on my spice jars too, but I ended up with too many spices, so I just have a spice cupboard now.

karla said...

I am 4'11 &1/2" tall so I feel you pain of not reaching anything...love your spice solution. Thanks for the post.

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