Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two and a Half

My baby boys are 2 1/2 today. 

Hard to believe that these two babies that were so tiny and fragile two and a half years ago...

Have now grown up to be these big, strong, opinionated little boys.

-They love the water. They jump in the pool, know how to kick their feet and move their arms to move around in the pool. We took them to a water park last weekend and they had a blast.

-They use the potty occasionally. Sometimes it is 4-5 times a day, sometimes it is none. 

-They love to watch Elmo. Anyone know why Elmo doesn't have his own tv show and not just his 15 minutes of fame on Sesame Street? I mean he is kind of big deal (at least in our house).

- They love to mimick things their Daddy does.

- Gabe finally passed his hearing test in May after failing the test since birth.We had to do a pretty evasive test to find that out but I am glad we did because now I have the peace of mind knowing that my baby boy can hear ( even though I had a feeling he could all along).  Woohoo!

- They are major climbers. About a month ago they started climbing their dresser and knocking their pictures off the wall so we had to move that out to where they only had their beds in their room. Then they decided that wouldn't be the end of their climbing adventures, they took their mattresses off their beds and stacked them so they could climb up into the very high window sill in their room!!! Did I mention their room is on the second floor?!? We now have that problem solved...for now. They have also learned how to climb the baby gates on the stairs when we have them downstairs. I guess it's a good thing we are hardly ever downstairs anymore now that their playroom is upstairs.

- When I go into their room at night to check on them, I often find them snuggled up in the same bed with a whole zoo of animals.

- They love to color, paint, and play with play dough. Their favorite toys are blocks.

Happy Half Birthday Boys! 
Better put on those shades because your future is looking BRIGHT!
P.S. Stop growing up so fast!


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