Thursday, August 26, 2010

8 Months Old

What we have been up to for the past month:

- We started eating two solid meals a day. For breakfast we have cereal mixed with fruit and for dinner we have a veggie. Our favorite is Vegetable Risotto with Cheese.

- We also love to eat finger foods like puffs and the baby version of cheetos.

- We started pulling up in our cribs so Daddy had to lower the mattresses.

- Along with pulling up in our cribs, we also pull up on furniture, our walkers, and the fireplace (which scares Mommy).
- We are now 20 lbs, so Mommy bought us new carseats but for now we are just trying them out in the house to get use to them.
- We both got our first tooth.
- Gabe is still doing the "inchworm" instead of crawling. But that does not stop him from climbing through the coffee table and end tables.
-Grant is officially crawling and goes from his tummy to sitting up by himself. He also said "mumma" which daddy says is not the same as "Momma" but it works for me.

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