Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Day in the Life of Us

Instead of doing the normal Thing I Don't Want to Forget post, I thought I would post a day in the life of us because I don't want to forget the day to day stuff. Ever since we brought them home, I have always said it will get easier when they can ____ (insert: sleep through the night, hold their own bottle, sit up, feed themselves solids, walk) but the truth is it never gets easier, it just changes. With every change there is good and bad but I wouldn't change any of it. Well enough of that on to our day.....

How blessed am I that I get to wake up to this....

And this. When I walk in the room they are literally jumping up and down as if they were saying "Pick Me, Pick Me first"

In order to be able to change them without them flopping all over the place I have to give them something to hold.

And they are dressed. Don't you just love Gabe's cheesy smile?

Then we have some cheerios and milk for breakfast...
while we watch our pals Regis and Kelly

I usually unload the dishwasher and do some laundry while they eat. I found this rubber duck in the washing machine, guess they thought rubber ducky needed to go for a swim.

Once they are done with breakfast we would normally go for a walk. It was a little to chilly for a walk this morning.
So we played with Lucy...
And dreamed about warmer weather where we could play outside...
Then they took turns pushing each other around in their cars.

Such a man, always gotta do things the hard way. Grant climbing up the slide.
All that hard work, made us hungry. So we hopped in the car and drove to Sonic to get us some lunch. Normally we would eat leftovers but we had steaks last night and didn't have any leftovers.

While they ate their chicken and tatertots, I made some heart shaped jello jigglers for them to have at snack.
After lunch, it is naptime. Unfortunately it is for the boys not me.

Meet my BFF Jillian. Ok so she isn't really my BFF, I HATE HER! But if she gets rid of these last few pre pregnancy pounds, we will be the best of friends.
Ok so after busting my booty doing that, I get everything prepped for dinner.

While digging in my pantry for stuff for dinner, I realize I never put the new liner I bought on my pantry shelves. Does this happen to anyone else, go in a room for one thing and find something else that needs to be done?
Remember the heart shaped jello I made for the boys? Well it was a HUGE FAIL!!
The boys woke up from their nap and they ate it anyways.

While they were eating jello I started dinner. We had Cajun Chicken Pasta.
The boys played while we ate dinner. Then they had their sippy cups of milk and we all watched American Idol..
And we had story time. They read their own books and then I read them If I Could Keep You Little. This is the sweetest book, it has a line in the book that says "If I could keep you little I'd keep you close to me, but then I'd miss you growing into who your meant to be." I will have to keep reminding myself that as they grow up.
Now it is time to get ready for baths and teethbrushing. They hate to have their teeth brushed and I have to sing the most ridiculous made up song to get their minds off it.
Grant-man crying because he doesn't want to go to bed. He is very obviously tired in this picture though, he always pulls on his ears when he is sleepy.

Well the boys day is over, but mine doesn't end until usually 1 AM. There is more laundry to do, stuff to organize, and stuff to craft. Oh well, I guess I can sleep when my kids are grown.

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Twingle Mommy said...

I love this post. It's great to see another mom's day with twins is just as crazy as mine. Found you from blog hop.

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