Thursday, February 24, 2011


So for those that don't know TIDWTFT stands for Things I Don't Want To Forget Thursday.

-I taught him how to say "mmmm" after each bite and now he says it after each bite and giggles.

-He comes up to me when I am sitting on the floor and pats my back and says "mama". Now he has been saying mama for awhile now so that is not new but he finally gets that I am mama. Its not just another babbling sound he makes. Such an awesome feeling and what a proud mama I am of both my boys.

-They have this new thing where they like to trade cheerios when I have their highchairs placed close enough to one another. I even caught it on video. Excuse the bad quality, I really need to start using my video camera for videos insead of my still camera.


Twingle Mommy said...

That's so adorable! My twins do this too.

Crystal said...

That's so sweet. I used to write these little things down in a journal. It's so nice to get to put them on a blog, now. Your kiddos are so sweet. but I'm a little partial to boys anyway. i have 4 little dudes...they are the best. I am visiting from FTLOB thirsty Thursday. BTW- I loved your organized laundry system!!! Kuddos mama!!

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition said...

What a fun idea to keep those memories - stopping by from The Girl Creative

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

reasonstoskipthehousework said...

Your newest follower from TGC Blog Hop.

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