Friday, March 4, 2011


I have two strollers right now and am looking for a more narrow compact side by side stroller.

Quattro Tour Duo Tandem Stroller
The first stroller we had was the Quattro Tour Duo Tandem Stroller. We didn't have the same fabric, ours was called platinum. We also had the Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat, Platinum that snapped in. This stroller was great until the boys outgrew their car seats and I put them in the stroller part.
-Two carseats would snap onto this stroller. A lot of strollers only accomodate for one carseat.
-Big basket at the bottom for shopping bags.
-Cup holders are nice
-Double Handle is great to put diaper bag and shopping bags on.
-Narrow enough to get through tight spaces.

- Buckles are hard to fasten with a wiggly toddler. This was not an issue of course when we were still snapping the carseats in.
-Double Handle is hard to steer one handed. Like when I am in target pushing the stroller in front of me and pulling a cart behind me.
- Boys like to be able to see each other and they can't in this one.
-Heavy and bulky when folded.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller, Skylar
Over the summer, we bought the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller, Skylar. They were 6 months old and they loved it.
-Obviously great for jogging.
- Adjustable sunshade.
- Cupholders and a place for wallet and keys
-Very easy to buckle wiggly toddler.
-Side by Side, the boys love to tickle each other and steal each others cheerios.
-Very easy to steer.

- Because it is a jogging stroller when the wheel isn't locked it gets kinda wobbly when you are walking fast.
- The basket is divided so if you have big bags they won't fit.
- One handle doesn't allow for you to put your diaper bag on it.
- Heavy and bulky when folded.
-Hard to get through doors. Always having to open two doors to get in which is challenging when I am by myself.  When there is only one door, we just don't go in that store. By the way, I think every place should have automatic doors haha.

Combi Twin Sport 2010 Side by Side Double Stroller, Sand
Now here is the one I am thinking about getting, the Combi Twin Sport 2010 Side by Side Double Stroller, Sand. From what I have read, it folds pretty compactly and is narrow for a double side by side at least. The only drawback I see is that there is no cupholders for the Mom but I could buy one that hooks on if I see fit. So Moms that use a double stroller, is this a good one for shopping trips and doctors offices? Is it easy to buckle the babies in? Is there a better, cheaper option out there that you love. By the way I am keeping the jogger so this will be strictly for indoor use.


Alan and Natalie said...

I haven't used the Combi double stroller. But I did just recently get rid of my Combi Flare Single stroller because I HATED IT!! My daughter is 20months and about 24lbs. She fit in it just fine and seemed comfortable but steering that thing...Oh my word!! Even when the stroller was empty trying to get that thing to turn was such a hassle and the whole thing was just wobbly. I would definitely suggest going to the store and trying it out with kids in it before you buy it.

melody-mae said...

visiting from weekend wander. i have no need for a stroller ;) but, my two daughters have them. one has a bob stroller and one has a graco...anyway, thought i would say hi during the weekend wander!!

Schaefer Clan said...

We LOVE our Maclaren Twin- it's soo lightweight, easy to fold and steers like a dream- our 3 year old can push it! Not exactly the question you asked, but I was advised to get this when we were preggie with twins and do NOT regret the purchase. They last soo good, we have switched our regular single stroller to a Maclaren and are probably buying their snap-in one for infant car seats here soon. :-)

Hope this helps!

Safire said...

I don't have any experience with the stroller you're talking about but I second going to the store to try it out. I know there's a big baby store in my area that lets you push the strollers around, and even take it out to your car to make sure it fits in the back.

That being said, we have a BOB dulie and LOVE it. Easy to push, fits through a regular door (it's as wide as a wheel chair) and is a beast for carrying things. The only draw back is that there is limited space underneath. Good luck in your decision!

Johanna said...

I have had {literally} eight strollers - from McClaren to Combi. My two ALL time favorites: My BOB Duallie (I wish it had been my first stroller, I might never have bought another) for side-by-side. And the In-line Contours Tandem by Kolcraft. The cool thing about that one is that it is super easy to steer, will fold flat (if you snap out the seats) and the seats can be configurated any way (my girls liked to face one another) and the Contours was the only one even remotely affordable that did that (2 1/2 years ago when I was shopping for them). Good luck!

Dolli-Mama said...

I have the same Graco stroller. It's great, but I need a side by side as well.

Sorry I'm no help! Visiting from Multiples and More

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