Wednesday, March 30, 2011

15 Months

The boys turned 15 months on Saturday and we had their checkup today. I have to say the doctor visits are only getting harder as they are more aware of what is going on. Also, they are getting more mobile, gone are the days where they just lay on the exam table waiting on the doctor.

After them walking on the table and trying to pull the blinds down I decided I would put their shoes back on them and let them walk around while we waited on the doctor.

"I got the keys lets ditch this place before they start sticking us"-Gabe

Gabe- 22 lbs 9 oz and 30 3/4 in long
Grant- 22 lbs 14 oz and 30 in long

Luckily shots hardly ever affect the boys and they were ready to play outside when we got home. We also had dinner outside on their picnic table.

 Notice what my sweet little boys is holding?(ignore the greasy fingerprints)

That's right a baseball! He carried it around all afternoon. This picture will make his daddy and Scooter very proud.


-Lots of bangs and bruises this week. Grant got a bruise on his cheek from running into his brother. Gabe got a knot on his forehead from slipping in the tub and hitting the side. This will be the first of many I am sure.

- They have been having fun playing with plastic eggs this week. I will be showing you soon some of the activities we have been doing with these.

- They know how to climb stairs. I found this out while we were at a baby shower this past weekend. Scary!

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