Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update and TIDWTFT

Last Friday, we took the boys to their first festival.
 Grant riding the trucks with MiMi
 Gabe and Mommy
 The carosel was fine until it started moving....
 then Grant man didn't like it. I don't blame him those things go way too fast and I was getting a little motion sick.
 They had a petting zoo. How cute is this baby goat? I think the boys though it was our puppy Lucy.
 This bunny was cute too except for the creepy red eyes.
Family Dad and stepmom went with us.
                                                                              On Saturday we did a little UTV riding.

Ok now onto Things I Don't Want To Forget Thursday, this week I will not be doing any individually because they are all things they both do.

- They have been getting into EVERYTHING lately and do things over and over again to see what my reaction is. It's exhausting to say the least. This is probably the reason I haven't been blogging as much haha. If you have any tips, feel free to comment them to me. Oh and another question, when did you start time outs?

-Before now, the boys have always been pretty comfortable around strangers but now if they haven't seen you very often they will give you the cold shoulder. I have noticed they start grabbing my arm really tight when we get around people they are unsure of. Grant pulls his arm in as if he were saying "don't touch me" and Gabe will stick out his lip and just wail.

- They love to blow kisses while I am feeding them. Oh and they also love to play with their hair while eating.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We are going out of town for a wedding.

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