Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sorry I haven't been updating this thing as often but the weather is just way too pretty to be inside. Also, I will be totally organized Tuesdays every other week now instead of every week like I was before.

- We have been spending a lot of time outside and he has gotten really good at maneuvering in his cozy coupe.
- He likes to go down his slide on his belly and head first.
- He loves to sit on the grass and pick flowers, grass, pine needles.

- He started saying Nana (which is what they call my mom) and she got to hear him say it for the first time.
- I sing the ABCs while changing their diaper and he picks up on a few letter and hums the song with me.
- He says "my momma". Jealousy issues already?

- I took them to the play area at the mall yesterday and they both went through this little tunnel. They got a tent and tunnel for christmas and wanted nothing to do with it, so we might have to drag it back out.

                                   All my boys asleep at the hotel. Needless to say they didn't sleep well in their playpens
 This is our azaleas(I think that is what these are.) They only bloom for like 2 weeks a year so we have to get a picture while they last.
                                                        Gabe apparently does not want to inherit his Daddy's chevelle.

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