Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weekend Away and TIDWTFT

So last Friday Kevin calls me from work around 2 and says he wants to go out of town. He doesn't know where, he just wants to go somewhere. So we debate whether we want to go to San Antonio, Shreveport, Galveston, or Canton. This is improvement from the past when we have decided we wanted to go on a trip last minute and got all packed up in the car drove to the highway and played "any minnie miney mo" to decided whether we would turn left or right and then still had to decide where we were going to go. We decided this time to go to Shreveport. We ended up staying on the Louisiana Boardwalk which is basically an outdoor outlet mall with lots of yummy restaurants. My good friend Ana( or as Grant calls her "Nonna") doesn't live too far from Shrevepot so her and her husband Marc met us there for the day.

Since we were there early and there wasn't many people we let them down to do some exploring.
See where the boardwalk meets the concrete? Both boys would get down and crawl over the line and then stand back up and walk again. I guess they didn't wanna step on the crack and break their Momma's back :)

A picture with "Nonna" and Marc

After all that walking and they got some food in their bellies they were fast asleep.

It was a nice relaxing weekend away.
And the daddy even got a head massage from Gabe :)


- I have been telling the boys "thank you" when they bring me something and also when I give them something so they can learn to say "thank you" to me. I handed Grant his sippy cup the other day and said "thank you" and to my surprise he said "tan too" and for those that don't speak his language, that means"thank you". My boy has more manners already than most adults.
- Gabe's new thing is to climb on the fireplace. So what does any good mother do when their child does something new? Run and get the camera of course! Don't worry Daddy was there to make sure the sweet boy didn't fall.

-They both love to go get things for you. Last night, Kevin would send the car racing down the hallway and the boys would go get it and bring it back and they did this for a long time.

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