Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things I have learned today....

So today has been a busy day and the things I have taken away from today are....

-That for your marriage to work you must "never give up" this was given from the man sitting next to me today while waiting at the dentist office. Why he started talking about marriage to me I have no idea because I said nothing to him. But what strikes me even more as weird is that he said "you must always learn to forgive, that is why my marriage failed I didn't forgive." Ummm does that sound like someone you should take marriage advice from?!?! Not saying that any of his advice was wrong just saying it was weird for him to be dishing out advice. I guess you live a learn. Ya gotta love unsolicited advice and I get a lot of it as a momma of twins but this for once was not about twins.

- I am "overprotective", same guy as above told me this. Um if my kid is on a boat and trying to jump overboard, you can bet I will be right their to catch him. Ok so that might be a little bit dramatic, it was a little boat play area in the waiting room and my little monkey was trying to climb over the sides but still so what. haha

- Your kids will make liars out of  you. I was sure Gabe was not going to let the doctor look in his mouth and sure enough he just laid there and let the dentist check all his teeth. Nana says this is because she had a talk with him and told him that he had to be a big boy and let the dentist check his teeth.

-No matter how old you are you will always need your mom( well if your mom is as great as mine is). Even though I told her I would be fine without help at the dentist office I am glad she came anyways because it would have been hard to keep up with both of them and I wouldn't have been able to hold their hands for the dentist when he was checking their teeth (which by the way are perfect).

- The best diet is to not be able to eat even 1/4 of your food because you are too busy feeding your kiddos.

- I am going to bed and the house is a mess but it will be ok. Ok so this is me trying to talk myself into this.

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