Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am Thankful for...

On Facebook I have been posting a new thing I am thankful for everyday since the beginning of November. I thought I would also share the list of things here.

I am thankful for healthy children. They may be sick at the moment but I know it will eventually end, not everyone is as lucky.
I am thankful that I get to stay home with these guys everyday and read books about Elmo, all because my husband works very hard for us.

I am thankful for my husband who turned 30 years OLD today.  I taught the babies to say "dada old".
I am thankful for the time I get to spend with my children individually. The other one is running errands with Daddy. They act like completely different children without their partner in digging, no getting into trouble, they just sit and play contently.
I am thankful for this guy who made me an aunt for the first time. He acts so silly and was making his little cousins laugh a bunch yesterday. I am also thankful for all my other nieces and nephews, he just so happened to be the one I saw yesterday to get a picture of.
I am thankful for glue guns so I can make pretty wreaths like this one I made last week. Now I need to get busy on the second one. More on this wreath later.
I am thankful for the rain! I never thought I would want rain so much but with the ongoing drought that we have had since the spring, any rain is greatly appreciated.
I am thankful for my home. After one year of house hunting, more drama than you could ever imagine, and lots of prayers said, we finally found a house and it couldn't be a more perfect fit!
I am thankful for french toast and homemade pumpkin spice lattes. And for the person who invented the espresso machine.

I am thankful for sweet Lucy whose birthday is today. She turns her back to us when we ask her how old she is...a lady never tells ;)

I am thankful for my friend Jessica who whipped up these cakes for a special baby boy( my cousin's baby) at the last minute.

I am thankful for good healthy eaters. He chose a handful of lettuce over a bowl full of m&ms that was on mimi's island. I'm just saying...I probably wouldn't have done the same lol. But then again he hasn't had the luxury of tasting an m&m yet so he isn't quite sure what he is missing out on.

I am thankful for naps. The boys rarely take them anymore but they definitely need them. Notice that he is not in his bed, has destoyed his room and those trucks and gas tanks are not toys that would be decor for his room. Still thankful for the naps though even if they are only 30 minutes.

I am thankful for crockpots. You can forget about it and it never burns, a plus in my book.

I am thankful that the boys will always have each other. They fight all the time but if someone else messes with their brother, it is not okay with them. If one is hurt, the other one always knows the right toy to bring them to cheer them up.

I am thankful that I can do things like going to a restaurant alone with the babies and actually get to eat my food. There were many times when I thought that would never happen because of them pulling me in two different directions. Now they are pretty self sufficient.

I am thankful for Elmo who is keeping the boys occupied. Thanks Marla and Landry for the Elmo toy!

I am thankful for Saturdays where we are all at home. Finished decorating the big tree and then we watched Cars 2 snuggled up in my bed. For the record the boys only watched about 15 minutes and that was the longest they have ever sat still and watched a movie so I was impressed.
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!
We have so much to be thankful for and I will share the rest of the this "I am thankful" series at the end of the month.

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