Thursday, November 17, 2011

One Week

In the period of one week my boys have learned how to...

Use their pottery barn chairs to climb on the kitchen counters.

The next day we finally got barstools for our island, the boys can now climb on the barstools to get on the island. They broke a jar that was on the island.

Mad that I took away their chairs so they couldn't get on the counter, they learn how to use their little monkey feet up against the drawers and get to stuff far back on the counter. Grant brought me a Dr. Pepper can that he had spilt trying to get it off the counter. I am cleaning up the mess and he comes to me(not crying)  with blood all over his mouth, hands, shirt and legs. Needless to say I am freaking out trying to figure out what he did. Where was his cut? Well it looked like a small paper cut on his finger ( I am sure from the can he had snatched), he just bled a lot and spread it all over his body to give me a mild heart attack.

As if that is not enough...

They learned to climb up the side of their highchairs and get in them, not because they want to eat but because they want to be able to reach the cords to the blinds that I put up out of their reach.
And for those spots that don't have drawers to climb, they have their cars. It is all good until the wheels move away from the counter and they fall.

But we are all still alive to tell of it, so I guess it was a pretty good week.

p.s. boys if you are reading, mommy could really use a boring week next week. 

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