Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good

- They both love to help with everything. They love to do laundry and they can put the clothes in the washer, switch them to the dryer and once I fold them they know where most of it goes. Same thing goes with dishes, they know which cabinet we keep everything in.

- Daddy took them to the store and they came back with footballs. The Daddy has also been teaching them how to play and they learned how to catch the ball and throw it.

- Gabe has learned how to use the potty in the past month. He of course will only do it when it is his idea and will bring me a diaper when he doesn't want to wear underwear. Grant loves to bring Gabe the potty so that he can sit on it but he doesn't want to sit on it himself.

- We live in a neighborhood that is not fully developed so there is a lot of new houses going up and the boys get to watch the action first hand. Yesterday they were entertained for an hour just watching the cement trucks.

The Bad

- They have learned how to unlock the deadbolt and the regular lock on our front door, back door, and garage door. We are in the process of fixing that little problem because well I can't be in three places at once and they like to team up against me and go to opposite doors.

-Now let's play a little game called "Which Is It?". Here is how you play I show you a picture and you pick the caption that you think fits.

A. I am so bored that I decided to decorate my fridge.
B. I am so desperate to keep the boys out of the fridge that I tied a ribbon on it so that I don't end up with broken pickle jars and ketchup all over my kitchen.

The Ugly

- The boys throw fits often and they can get very ugly. They have progressed from their "I'm going to fall on the floor and bang my head on the floor and if you try to walk away and ignore my fit, I will follow you and repeat it" to what I like to call the "I'm going to run away from home fit".  I wouldn't normally let him run around like this but I had to get this on video so I can show him when he is older. For the record, this was taken about a month ago before he learned how to unlock doors.
- I could mention a lot of not so pretty things that go on at naptime but I will leave it at this. You're Welcome! ;)

As always the good far outweighs the bad and good or bad I love them all the same.

P.S. If you answered choice A to the question about the fridge, you clearly need to get to know me better ;) I don't think the words "I'm bored" have came out of my mouth once in 28 months....there is always something to do.

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