Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Priceless Memories in Colorado

50 hours in the car(there and back)
1 box of cheerios
1 bag of animal cracker
355 time that we played the throw-the-toy-on-the-floor-so-mommy-can-pick-it-up game
138 times that Wheels on the Bus was sung(especially the part about the babies going wah wah wah and the mommies going shh shh shh)
264 times I said the "How does the {insert animal name} go? {insert animal sound}"
60% of the time I heard this....

Okay so maybe that was a little bit of a exaggeration but it is not far off. But it was all worth it because we got to see this beautiful scenery and made priceless memories along the way.

Must be horrible to have to live in one of those houses right?

Dallas Divide

More pics to come....

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