Monday, July 18, 2011

Totally Organized Tuesdays: Travel Edition

Well we should be experts on traveling after the past 8 days. We went to Colorado and on our way home visited family in Kansas. We spent about 50 hours in the car and drove through 6 states with two 18 month olds. I think that might qualify us for being certifiably insane.

I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks that made our trip a success (well sorta).

I packed all their outfits in ziploc bags. I rolled all the shirts and jackets so they would be less likely to be wrinkled.

Packing outfits in a ziploc bag makes it much easier to not have to dig through to find the shirt that goes with the right pair of pants.

We had a medium sized basket in the backseat full of all of the necessities. For the record, we have this basket full of this stuff even we are just going to the grocery store.

I took a laundry basket(that I usually use in the trunk for making it easier to transport groceries to the house in one trip) and stocked it full of toys. The boys still have a bunch of toys that were still in packages from their birthday and I added them so they would have something new and exciting to play with. In this picture most of the toys were probably on the floor where they spent most of their time because the boys like to play the throw-the-toy-on-the-floor-and-cry game. I also have to mention the irony in this picture, Grant spent most of the time crying yet he is the one covering his ears when one of the very few times Gabe cried. Apparently, he only likes the sound of his own crying. 

More pictures of our Colorado vacation to come!

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