Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gabe and Grant's Toddler Proofed Christmas Tree

I have talked about how I have baby proofed my home and then had to go back and "Gabe and Grant proof" it because the child safety locks that most kids can't get open my two can with no issues. Well the tree was no different.

While out shopping last year I ran into a old coworker ,who has a daughter a year older than mine, (she had just turned 2 and mine were about to be one) I told her how I was so shocked yet pleased that the boys hadn't really messed with the tree at all. She told me "oh honey, it's not this year you have to worry about. It's next year you will have to worry about." Now fast forward a year , and I know exactly what she meant by that.

This is their tree, it has shatter-proof ornaments. I was still having problems keeping them from using the ornaments as toys so I wired the ornaments on to the tree. This might something a lot of people already do but if so nobody decided to share it with me, so I decided I would share it with you if you have some mischevious toddlers like I do.

First you need to hot glue the top metal piece(where you hang the hook from) onto the actual ball part. Just trust me and don't skip this step because I tried to hang the ornaments with just attatching wire and they would rip the ball out and leave the metal and wire still hanging on the tree.

I took a regular ornament hook and wrapped it around the top of the ornament several times.

I then straightened out the other piece that you would normally just hook on the tree.

Then you just wrap it around the limb of the tree several times until you have no wire left.

Gabe testing out the tree to make sure it was "Gabe and Grant proofed". I am happy to say it passed the test :)
And for fun here are some of my favorite ornaments on their little tree.

Anyone else have any other tips on how to keep a toddler out of the tree?

I will be sharing pictures of my big tree later this week and how I keep little hands out of it because it is glass ornaments.

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Carrie said...

When my boys were little we had to screw the Christmas Tree to the floor because they knocked it over so many times!! They are teenagers now...Enjoy every moment of these child proof days...They FLY!

Krista @ While He Was Napping said...

We have shatter-proof ornaments this year too. I may have to wire them to the tree though. My two-year old thinks it's hilarious to rip the ornaments off. The tree has been up 3 days and I think I've repaired just about every ornament hanging within 3 feet of the floor! Thanks for sharing!

Krista @ While He Was Napping

CAS said...

Clever idea! I'll have to pass this idea on to my DIL. There youngest is 10 months & crawls around at the speed of light, using any and everything as leverage to pull herself up. They'd better get a very heavy tree or fasten it to the!

Jordan McCollum said...

Great idea! We stick our tree in a corner, protected by the couches, to keep it away from our kids (going on four years straight with kids in that range). Keeps the presents safe, too!

Shiloh said...

Oh, I hadn't thought of this. Our daughter is doing pretty well this year, but she's only one. Lol, maybe I should remember this for next year:)

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