Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Totally Organized Tuesday: Gift Wrap Ideas

Last time I shared with you how we organized our Gift Wrap Station. Today I will show you how I keep all those gifts straight.

We have so much family and so many different places to go that I have been known to forget gifts at home. So this year I color coded the wrapping paper by the different places we have to go and the stuff that stays at our house. I used red, green and brown kraft paper to wrap the presents and found different ways to make them look pretty other than buying pretty paper and putting on traditional bows.

I curled some old wrapping paper like you would ribbon to make this bow and then stamped on the letters.

Instead of using traditional tags like I did in the past I just put a initial. This wouldn't work if you had many people with that initial but for the side of the family that I am using red paper on there is only one person with name that starts with C.

This present was for a gift exchange so I didn't know who would get it to put an initial on it.

Anyone else have tips on how to make sure their presents make it to the right place?

If I could just find a way to remember whose present I just wrapped when I am in the middle of some late night wrapping, which is usually my sign that I need to go to bed ;)

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