Monday, January 2, 2012

Birthday Dinner

We took the boys to a local restaurant called Goodfella's for their birthday. Now for those who live in our area and  have been to Goodfella's you probably know this is not really a kid friendly place and are probably wondering why I would pick there to bring my little ones instead of a place like Chuck E. Cheese. Well two years ago on the day after Christmas we had Christmas with my mom and then went to dinner at Goodfella's after that we decided we would hit Best Buy to get a video camera so we would be ready for New Years Eve which was the boys scheduled c-section. All of this stuff was very insignificant until I went into labor while in Best Buy. So although my husband probably wishes the tradition was to go to Best Buy, we go to Goodfella's every year on their special day. So for the past three years and hopefully for many years to come you know where you can find us on the 26th.

 Giving Scooter some love...

 I love this sequence of pictures...notice Grant has the same face and Gabe has many different faces. He was mad because I made him wait until we sang before he could dig into the cake.

All was well again when baby got his cake :)

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