Thursday, October 20, 2011


We took the boys to get a haircut on Saturday. This is not their first haircut(more like their 4th) but everytime they cut their hair I think they look a little more grown up :(

First up was Grant and he was such a big boy this time. Last time he screamed the entire time. Apparently all he needed was his Daddy to hold him and a couple sips of chocolate shake from Chick-fil-a and all was right in the world.
(Side note: I drank a TON of chocolate shakes while pregnant with them so I am definitely to blame for their love of chocolate shakes )

Gabe was next and as expected he was so big during his haircut. Last time after watching his brother scream he got up there and laughed because it tickled. He definitely play the "older" brother role well.

Don't they look so grown now? 

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