Monday, October 10, 2011

School of the Momma: Fall Fun

Fall is one my favorite times of the year. I hope the boys grow up to like it too. To start out our fall fun we made some jack-o-lanterns because what says fall better than pumpkins?

To make these I cut the shapes using my silhouette and cardstock. Then traced it onto the stiff felt. I made the eyes and mouth detatchable by putting velcro on them(as you can see in the pictures below). I only put the hook side(the rough one) of the velcro on the face parts and there is no need for the loop side because the felt works as the loop. Hopefully that makes sense.
I did something similar for Christmas with a Christmas tree with detatchable ornaments. They really had no interest in it at 12 months old so I was a little worried they still may be too young for the pumpkins but they LOVED them.
I had no lesson planned for this it was just supposed to be a fun game for them but while playing I would ask them where the eye was and where the mouth was.
And my camera died before he could show you where the mouth was.....story of my life haha.

Since they like these so much I am thinking about making more shapes for the face. Yay for fun and learning!

Another fun project we like to do is fingerpaint. But as you know that is usually one big fat mess and if you are like me and usually give your kids edible fingerpaint because they are going to put it in their mouths then this is an alternative where you can cut the mess and not have to worry about them putting it in their mouth so you can use regular finger paint. We still like to do the messy fingerpainting too.

I found this idea here.

You take construction paper and leave several drops of paint on it. Cover with wax paper and tape it down to the highchair or table. Then let the kids do the rest.

After they finished I let it dry for several hours( or if you are impatient like me you put it in a oven at about 150) then cut it into the shape of a leaf.
They are now proudly hanging on our french doors :)

Another fun fall activity that I already showed you was my pumpkin playdough which you can read about in our Operation Orange post.

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