Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Special Lady

As much as this looks like I put my little Grant in a dress this is not him and is me around his age with my PaPa Paul and Granny.

Today is my Granny's Birthday! Unfortunately she is no longer with us to celebrate. I think of her very often and about how much we would have had in common. She was crafty like me but most of all she was a mother of twins( my dad and aunt Janet) also. I know she would have had a lot of advice to give on raising twins.
Today as I was working on the boy's costumes, I thought of all the costumes she made me and how effortless they were to her. That is not the case for me.

As I pour the boys a glass of milk I think of how she would have snuck some chocolate in their milk like she always did for me.

When I make a bowl of ice cream I always think about how she claimed ice cream was the cure for indigestion and that is why she ate it. I used this excuse a lot while pregnant with twins and still do now.

As I watch my children turn flips on the couch and jump off dining room chairs, I think of how if she was still around and  I called to tell her that she would probably say "That Robert Owen(my dad) he use to do the same thing"...but instead she is in Heaven watching over them and protecting their every fall.

We miss you so much Granny but know that you are in a much better place and watching over us all! I know you would be so proud of all your great grandchildren and the ones to come.

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