Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Snowing?!?!

In Texas? In October?
What it's not snowing in your house?

Be very jealous because my boys are making it snow here!

1st mistake: Went to the bathroom and didn't bring the boys with me. Was gone 2 minutes or less.
2nd mistake: Left styrafoam to close to the edge of the counter.
Lesson Learned: Take boys with me to the bathroom and push everything to the back of the counter.

If you have toddlers you know how true this statement is.

Then the very next day it snowed again...

This time in the bathroom with toilet paper while I was making their lunch.

Lesson Learned: Buy covers for the door knobs so the boys can't get in.
Silver Lining: They didn't put the toilet paper in the toilet which would have made a bigger mess...yet.

It's a good thing I have the best clean-up crew around ;)

Hope your week wasn't as "snow" filled as mine was!


Emily said...

This made me laugh out loud because I know how true it is!

And p.s. I LOVE that wall of white cabinetry against the dark floors... gorgeous!

Twingle Mommy said...

So true! I escape to the bathroom for a min of alone time and they always follow me.

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