Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

What's special about June 27, 2011? My boys are now closer to 2 than they are to 1. What?! How did this happen? I don't normally do monthly updates on the boys but since yesterday was their half birthday and I have been slacking on the TIDWTFT(Things I Don't Want To Forget Thursday) I decided I would do a post about all the exciting things they have been doing.

-Grant started saying "dog". He says it with a long o sound instead of a short o sound and sometimes he calls his brother a "dog" but I am just happy he is learning some new words.

- Gabe makes motor sounds when playing with his cars.

- Grant will NOT take a blue sippy cup. Now you have prbably heard me talk about how I color-coordinate the boys stuff. When there is the option, Grant gets green and Gabe gets blue. Well now I have ruined my child and he will only take green. If you are wondering whether Gabe will take a green cup, Gabe says he will drink his milk out of a cup, out of bowl, off the floor. He is not picky when it comes to food.

-Gabe does not like people he doesn't know very well to change his diaper. The lady in the church nursery yesterday said Gabe flipped out when she tried to change his diaper. He did the same thing when he was in the nursery at my mom's church. They both love the nursery besides that and often want to continue playing even when we come to pick them up.

-Grant loves to bring his puppy to breakfast. He feeds him cheerios and gives him milk.

-Gabe started puckering up his lips when he wants a kiss. Grant will let you kiss him but he doesn't pucker up his lips yet.

It's been a rough week here for us and the boys definitely helped by keeping my mind off things with all the new things they have learned.

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