Thursday, June 9, 2011


First off I will apologize for the lack of post, but packing our house has kind of consumed every minute of extra time.

Both babies love to sweep and this momma is NOT complaining. Sorry ladies, they can't date until they are AT LEAST 25 :)

On Sunday at naptime we heard a lot more crying than usual and so we went to see what was up and Grant was just walking around the room. And get this he wasn't the one crying, it was Gabe. I guess he was mad he wasn't free from the crib. We think Grant crawled up on his dresser and eased his way off the dresser and avoided a big fall. So to outsmart him, we turned his crib backwards since the back is higher than the front and he has stayed put ever since.

We had left Gabe's crib the way it was because he showed no interest. Well fast forward to Tuesday and I hear them awake after nap and I go in there and Gabe is laying on the ledge of his crib (the part that is closest to the wall in the picture below) with his arms and legs wrapped around like a monkey hugging a tree. I have no idea if he had just gotten up there or he had been up there awhile and was too scared to get down. Sadly I don't have a picture of this because I didn't wanna risk him falling while I went to get a camera.

Here is the pic of him once we turned his crib around.

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