Thursday, May 26, 2011


- We went to dinner on Saturday night and I have been trying to work on sharing with them. So I ask Gabe if he can share a piece of his chicken with Grant so he acts like he is giving it to him and then snatches it back and puts it in his mouth and he continued to show Grant every piece of food before putting it in his mouth. I then asked Grant to give me a piece of his food and he started stuffing the food in his mouth and what wouldn't fit he put in the pocket of his bib. As you can see our lesson in sharing is going great haha.

-While driving home from dinner Saturday night, Gabe was just a chattering, in a language I can not understand. All I heard was "blah blah blah bubba"(bubba is what he calls Grant). Well apparently what he said wasn't very nice because Grant burst into tears. So I guess it is true that twins have their own little language that only they understand.

- They have been having fun playing with pots and wooden spoons lately. Grant will pretend to pick something out of his pot and put it in Gabe's mouth and Gabe says "mmmm".

- Now to the ugly, the climbing. They climb on everything possible...couches, chairs, coffee tables, fireplace hearths. They like to climb on, run on, dance on, jump off. I feel I am constantly redirecting and it is two against one and they are winning....but this too shall pass. By the way, my mom said I never did any of this, so they must get this from their father. Lucky for him he works all day so he doesn't have to deal with it.

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