Monday, May 2, 2011

Meet Duke

We added a new member to our family this weekend. I have to admit I didn't want another dog AT ALL but my husband wanted one "for the boys". You know because that is how my husband justifies everything he wants is to tell me it is "for the boys" and then I cave. I kept telling him that if he came home with a dog I would be finding a new home for it by the time the day was over.
Now that he is here I decided he can stay because.....
- he stays outside
-he doesn't jump on anyone
-he doesn't really shed
-he listens
-the boys already love him and like to stare out the window and watch him
- he doesn't want to eat Lucy(our Maltese) even though he is 10 times her size
-he will make a good guard dog
-it also is pure entertainment watching him drink water because he sticks his whole head in the water bowl and one might think he is trying to drown himself.

So with further ado, here is Duke, our 7 month old chocolate lab "puppy"
(I use the term puppy loosely because he is HUGE)

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