Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Totally Organized Tuesday- Cleaning Closet Edition

While our master bedroom closet is pretty massive, all three of our hall closets are so tiny. So tiny that they are almost useless. My cleaning items were housed in the laundry room at my old house but then I realized one of my itty bitty closets was perfect for just that. By the way, these brooms and mops have been working hard lately because well me and these hardwood floor have a love/hate relationship. I love them from a distance but hate them when I get up close to them. The builders obviously didn't care enough to protect the floors while they were working on the house and painting and they are scratched and scuffed up. Anywho....back to the closet. I could do a post just on the floors alone.

Do you have tiny closets in your house? What do you use them for? I have two more closets, one has shelves and houses random things and the other just holds a vacuum and the vacuum barely fits. I am looking for other ways to utilize the space.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more the start of my room-by-room tour of the new house and on Thursday an update on what thing 1 and thing 2 (aka my children) have been up to.

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