Monday, August 1, 2011

Totally Organized Tuesday: Pinterest Edition

Have you heard of Pinterest?
It is like the best thing since sliced bread, in my opinion.

Basically what you do is when you find something on the internet that you want to be able to go back to one day(like decor, holiday ideas, recipes) you link it up(pin it) onto pinterest and organize by categories.
You can also follow people and repin their ideas or seach for ideas.
So this is perfect for those people that have a bajillion links under their "Bookmarks" (that includes you Mom).

Want to see some of the fabulous things I am planning on doing in the boy's playroom?

Are you on pinterest? Follow me: Krista @ Life With Both Hands Full
Want to join Pinterest? Email me for an invite:

I am looking for guest bloggers for my "Totally Organized Tuesdays" segment so if you are interested in being featured you can email me.

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