Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gabe and Grant Proofed

My boys have so far have learned how to master all of our child cabinet locks and drawer locks which causes no real harm just makes a big mess. Along with this though they mastered the oven and the dishwasher which is a safety hazard of course. The thing is when these people are testing their child safety locks, they didn't test it with twins who work as a team. Well we did find out that our oven has a lock (woohoo!) but didn't have such luck with our dishwasher...until my husband became a genius and saved me from having to get my kids out of the dishwasher 153 times a day. Just wish he would have thought of it sooner!

"Momma always says if we work together as a team we get things done faster"

Grant dishing out the goods.
Then the daddy ruined all the fun by rigging up this.
And this is what baby does when the daddy ruins all the fun...
oh wait baby wasn't done yet!

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