Wednesday, September 21, 2011

House Tour: Living Room Edition

A few things you should know before I get into the pictures. I hate knick nacks, dust collectors, whatever you want to call them. I rarely buy things just because it is pretty. If I buy it it usually serves a purpose and is pretty. Well when we bought this house that all had to go out the window because I had a whole wall of built in shelves to fill. You are probably thinking "um why not put books on those shelves"....well ya see my book collection consist of college textbooks, pregnancy books, books on twins, children's books, I even have a book on how to teach children with children's books. See... not exactly stuff I wanna display on my shelves ;)
The shelves will be fine while it is fall and then when it is Christmas but what am I going to do with all the empty spaces when those holidays are over? I'm thinking I will be buying some "vintage" books from Goodwill :)

You are probably wondering why all my end tables are pretty much bare, well...
- All the stuff that was on the end tables at the other house is now filling up the bookshelves
-The boys broke it
-Or I took it off the table so the boys wouldn't break it :)

This wall needs one big piece of art and my couch need some pillows.

Here is some of the fabric choices I am thinking of for the pillows. I would get a different brighter pattern for spring.

And more pillows for the loveseat.

If you are just joining my house tour, you can check out the other rooms I have included in the tour so far:

Tune in every Wednesday for the rest of the tour.


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