Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What should my boys be this year?

By this time last year I was already sewing up their costumes and this year I have not a clue what my two little ones are going to be.

Here is my issues:
- They are twins and I feel the need to coordinate their costumes. At least until they are old enough to tell me what they want to be.
- I feel the need to make some part of their costume because well that is what I do, I make things. Also, I can't remember a year that my mom ever bought me a costume. They were always handmade or old recital costumes.
- Problem with the handmade part is sewing is not one of my strengths.
- And the biggest issue is... it is going to hard to top last year's costumes.

It doesn't get much cuter than that, does it?

I made their hats out of fleece and felt. The mustaches were also made out of felt and I threaded through a piece of elastic from a party hat on the edge so that it would stay on.

So what shall they be this year ?
Leave me comments with ideas, pictures, links!

Growing Up Gardner

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Katrina said...

Oh my gosh they are SO cute!
You are SO lucky - I've always wanted twins!
okay...costume ideas:
Chip 'N Dale (the Disney Chipmunks)
Laurel & Hardy
regular and peanut M&M's (one of each)
Spanky & Alfalfa (from Our Gang aka The Little Rascals)

Ugh, I don't have many ideas. Sorry about that!
I'm a new follower from the Wednesday blog hop:)


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